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Dr. Valerie Alikakos
Your New York Chiropractor

  • "Dr. V saved me from needless surgery and a life of pain!
    I first visited Dr. V upon being released by the Navy Reserves due to my ongoing back issues. I have disks that are bulging, deteriorating and two that are herniated. When I work up I couldn't even touch my knees and my doctor suggested surgery. I went to see two specialists who also suggested surgery. I'm glad I considered alternative treatments, and Dr. V saved me not only from a surgery that wasn't needed but from my daily pain. I'm physically active again, jogging, lifting weights and it's all to chiropractic care!!!!"
    Tony Lara | Real Estate Professional, NYC
  • "Dr. Val,
    Just a quick note to tell you how much you have impacted my well being since the first of this year. Of course I had to give up my two favorite food and drink(bagels and vodka martinis)but the results along with increasing my exercise and portion control have proven to be more than worthwhile. My weight loss(30 pounds) along with a decreased waist by 5 inches and smaller jacket size( 48 to 44) as well as lowering my blood pressure and increased muscle tone have invigorated me and truly put me on the right course.

    Your attitude enthusiasm and knowledge has inspired me to achieve these results. Many thanks."
    David Blumenthal | President/CEO
  • "I was referred to Dr. Alikakos by a friend of mine who has been seeing her for over a year. I am so grateful I took the recommendation. Dr. Alikakos has helped me with my low back pain. Not only does she offer a wonderful adjustment, but includes great tips for stretching and proper body alignment! She is a noted expert in nutrition, as well and got me back on track with good eating habits.

    Dr. Alikakos gave me better insight into my own health and my awareness of it.
    I am so grateful and would hignly recommend her to anyone who needs to improve their posture, get help for pain syndromes and better understand our connection to nutrition!"
    Daniel W., NYC
  • "Never felt better!
    Having problems with my shoulder for years, finally I decided to visit Dr Alikakos' office and in three sessions the pain was gone and never came back.
    And I also had great nutritional advice."
    Emanuele S, Restauranteur, NYC
  • "Dr Valerie

    Just want to thank you for our visit yesterday. I did the pec stretches last
    night and the numbing/tingling in my forearms is completely GONE!

    Such a simple step that put me out of my misery right away. Thank you for making the suggestion.

    Will do more heat and gentle stretching today. Am also taking the supplements.

    Esther Horn | Nutritionist / Author
  • "Was very pleased with Dr Alikakos treatment. Previous Chiropractors adjusted me in ways that made me feel uncomfortable. Dr Alikakos took the time to listen to me, assess my needs, and treat me. I feel great, and much more balanced."
    Johnathan, NYC
  • "After seeing a couple of other doctors, Dr. Alikakos helped me with a back problem I thought I was going to need surgery for. I joke with her that she has the "magic touch""
    Josh, NYC
  • "Saved my quality of life. Lower back pain gone! Amazing!
    I was referred to the doctor from a celebrity friend that Dr. Alikakos cured her back pain which came through years of kickboxing. I never thought I would be pain free until I met Dr. Alikakos. Our focus was postural exercises over a few sessions. I always had that lower back pain that I thought I had to live with forever. After a few sessions and proper form, I was cured! Thank you Dr. Alikakos for giving me back my old quality of life! Your technique is amazing!"
    T.L., NYC
  • "Dr. A – A for amazing!
    Years of bending and lifting finally took a toll on me, about a year ago, I was in so much pain, could barely walk, much less work. This was not a good sign, since I had a family to provide for. I am one of those guys who don't care to see doctors much less take pharmaceutical drugs. There had to be an alternative, that's when my friend recommended I see a Chiropractor; she gave me Dr Alikakos’ number. My wife made the call, set up the appointment and made sure I was there.

    I am so glad she did, after a few sessions of adjustments and postural therapy, my pains vanished and I was back to my old self.

    Dr A. gave me tips for bending and lifting that would avoid any future problems and also tips for eating healthier.
    Thanks Dr Alikakos!"
    Antonio B.
  • "I have been receiving treatment from Dr. Alikakos for almost 2 years. I suffered from migraines and neck pain. Dr. Alikakos could really adjust me and provide therapy and other treatments that made a difference. I have gone 8 months with no migraines.She has given me excellent care and explains everything so well. She is compassionate and kind. This has been such a blessing-she helped me change my diet, get adjusted and I am completely pleased with the results. I can attest to the fact that she is definitely one of the best doctors in NYC. The result I got is absolutely incredible. Just a wonderful doctor. It's a joy to visit Dr. Alikakos office."
    Mzia Bekuraidze | Fashion Designer
  • "The Best chiropractor ever!"
    Nick Hammond
  • "Dear Dr. Alikakos, Just a quick note to say thank you. The six treatments you have given me so far have been amazing! Not only is my posture imbalance already improving which is why I came to you, but you have given me back full use of my neck which I never imagined possible and, best of all, the range of motion in my golf swing has increased significantly to the point where I am swinging like someone at least 20 years younger. You have greatly exceeded my expectations. See you soon for more! Austin"
    Austin Lyons, NYC lawyer
  • "Sheer Wellness joined the Ralph Lauren perks portfolio offering nutrition and massage therapy to our employees. Many of our employees have been reaping the amazing benefits of what they have to offer - including myself! From learning about what nutritional plan is good for me to also taking advantage of their chiropractic work, Dr. Alikakos tailors each service to each individual. We are all different! I didnt know so many things on how my body worked –truly enlightening. I am thrilled about Sheer Wellnes inclusion in our perks program. They have really helped elevate what we have to offer to our employees."
    Nicole Goulet, RL Human Resources
  • "I feel terrific. The things I've experienced, I have never experienced before. Don't be afraid to try something new. I was even able to stop medications because I no longer need them." Thank you, Dr Alikakos office"
    Cindy C., Rubin Museum


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I have benefited tremendously from the chiropractic care I received from Dr. Alikakos."
    Kyle D. - New York, NY
  • "Never felt better!
    Having problems with my shoulder for years, finally I decided to visit Dr Alikakos' office and in three sessions the pain was gone and never came back.
    And I also had great nutritional advice."
    Emanuele S, | Restauranteur, NYC