" Let thy food be thy medicine and they medicine be thy food"
Hippocrates-father of medicine-Greek physician 460 BC

It is a fact that many diseases are preventable, even curable, depending on our lifestyle habits and yet the rates of these diseases continue to rise in our country. Your health and the way that you feel is directly related to the choices that you make. But how do you know which choices are right for you? Chronic illness, fatigue, stress, pain, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, etc are all on the rise. Our lifestyle factors have a major impact on preventing and even controlling these diseases. That's good news because this means that you can have a profound effect on your health. The choices you make have a greater impact on your health than do your genetic or hereditary factors. These lifestyle choices include every aspect of life physical, chemical, and emotional.

Nutrtitional Programs

Dr. Alikakos provides customized nutritional support for all of your health concerns- using the most effective and researched methods. Whether you are seeking help with weight loss, any chronic health issue, fatigue and stress, anti aging and detoxification, or and general health concern, Dr. Alikakos will Alikakos will individualize a program specific to your needs. Our programs will ensure you are achieving your results in the most effective and healthful way.

Bio Impedance Analysis

We use a state of the art, FDA approved BIA ( bio impedance analysis) device to measure your body composition ( muscle vs. fat). This is a very simple test which only takes a couple of minutes but provides us with some very important information.

The latest research points to the body composition ratio as being one of the most useful health markers of over all health, of healthy aging, and avoidance of chronic disease.

Aside from body composition, the BIA will also give us other useful health measures such as overall body hydration and fluid disttibution ( whether the fluid is inside or outside of your cells). This tells us how well your cells are hydrated ( or dehydrated) and how healthy the cell walls actually are. So , it is not just a matter of aesthetics. But yes, the better your body composition ratio, the better you will look too!

We use the BIA as a baseline as well as a tracking device. This will ensure we are getting the results we want and in the healthies way possible. There is a healthy and unhealthy way to acheive weight loss and detoxification- but not in our office. We track our changes to ensure they are achieved in the healthiest ways possible.


We also offer powerful, nutritional anti aging programs. We spend so much time, money and effort on external means (creams, lasers, etc) to fight signs of aging. Why are we ignoring the internal ways of anti aging- after all that is where aging begins. Starting anti-aging from the inside out is extremly powerful, whether used alone or as an adjunct to other means of anti aging. Please be sure to contact our office for more information.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I have benefited tremendously from the chiropractic care I received from Dr. Alikakos."
    Kyle D. - New York, NY
  • "Never felt better!
    Having problems with my shoulder for years, finally I decided to visit Dr Alikakos' office and in three sessions the pain was gone and never came back.
    And I also had great nutritional advice."
    Emanuele S, | Restauranteur, NYC